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5 mars 2013

Taratata ! Mention catégorie non fiction à Bologne !

Taratata ! 
Mention dans la catégorie Non fiction accordée 
à Toutes les maisons sont dans la nature 
de Didier Cornille (hélium, 2012) 
par le jury du Bologna Ragazzi Award 2013 !

The 2013 Jury of the BolognaRagazzi Award gave a Mention in the Non Fiction category to the book:
Toutes les maisons sont dans la nature by Didier Cornille (hélium)

The Jury members - Antonio Faeti – Chairman (Bologna, Italy), Paola Vassalli (Rome, Italy) , Carla Poesio (Florence, Italy), Beppe Chia (Bologna, Italy) motivated their choice with a short declaration:

“The pure, uncluttered clarity of Toutes les maisons sont dans la nature does not derive just from the clean geometrical sobriety that pervades every page. With each clearly outlined project, we see with great clarity how man’s inveterate transformation of everything around him is flanked by an ability to make his concrete creations resonate with the trees. The style of illustration bows to the child’s right to understand. Immaculately executed, the plates also tell us that everything in life – actions and sentiments – should be equally untrammelled. Although the story is about how men build their homes, it is also a philosophical tale, a more complex story of solids and voids. An enchanting book, it talks about the trees - perhaps the beginning of things - but also of roads, bridges, horizons, parks and parking lots. And always, it is man who triumphs.”

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